We increase the metal quality

Our furnace increases the metal quality by zone melting technology

The initial aluminum metal scrap has only 80-96% of the aluminum. Our furnace increases the aluminum quality up to 99,99%.


What are the problems of metal recycling process?

The price for the metal scrap depends on metal quality.

Bad quality aluminum – $0.4 per kg

Good quality aluminum — $1.5 per kg

What are the current potential solutions, and how are they broken?

Currently metal producers use furnaces with open crucible to melt and pour the metal into the ingots.

Metal melting furnaces can only melt metal BUT they can not change quality

Also they are: -Not safe for employees (require specific training) -Have huge energy consumption 1 kW per 1 KG of metal -Require strict control by supervisors -Metal loose quality while pouring process

What is our product and how does it solve the problem?

Vertical Furnace with computer vision. Our furnace not only melt metal but also increase the quality of the metal by removing the impurities.

What Intellectual Property we developed / How does it enhance our competitive advantage?

Computer vision algorithm, melting control code, furnace design, technology description.

How does it ease your customers’ pain points?

-No need for special training for employees -They will increase the quality of the product -No need special equipment to collect emissions —

Do you bring a more affordable, more efficient, more reliable alternative?

— Power consumption 0.3 kW per 1 KG of metal (3 times lower that competitor)

How does your product or solution improve your customers’ experience?

— Good energy consumption ratio

— Computer control of the entire process

Why are customers’ willing to pay for it?

-Safe for employees -Furnace will increase the quality of the metal